Every year ICANN hikes up their prices, increasing our costs around 50 cents per domain/year. At least for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz...

This year we've decided to find a way to offset that by lowering our cost and it worked. The affected domains (TLDs) are already showing up with our new 2012 prices, not only compensating for the ICANN hike but they're even cheaper than before.

While we were at it we were able to also get a discount from now until the new prices take effect, for 25 cents per domain year. So that has been combined with the January 14 increase, into a coupon code, for 75 cents off every domain year purchased/renewed/transferred between now and January 14th. This coupon code is: icann

This is the perfect time to get some domain years paid up on the cheap.

Our new domain registration or existing transfer price is $10.45/year. Renewals are down to just $10. Just the opposite of GoDaddy who sucks you in at a low price and makes you pay almost $12/year to renew! With the coupon code that means new domains will be $9.70 and renewing existing domains will be $9.25!

When the icann code is applied in the checkout process, you will see the discount reflected in the invoice before checkout.

In addition domain privacy has been reduced by $4/year.

More domain TLDs will be receiving price reductions soon, as well as SSL certificates.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

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