There have been some changes in credit card processing.

  • With software updates, a code change in the cart/checkout has been made. (it was hanging for some users)
  • A new and improved credit card processing gateway (Braintree) has been added.

Domain pricing has recently changed. Some might point to other registrars citing that they can be cheaper or almost the same price. You'll find that after you read their fine print, BalboaTech is still cheaper. We also aren't running the incredible and unsupportable scale they are and we're not able to offer domains at a loss in the interest of trying to upsell customers on other products they don't need and are supported by "techs" who don't know what they're doing and probably don't care.

As always, we're working around the clock to provide the best service and support at the best possible price. (which is why we also accept tips)

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was exceptional and your holiday & new year are awesome.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

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