How do I use my email?

There are a million and two ways to use your hosted email service. You may choose any number of email programs. You may set your email account up in your existing free webmail service. You may even choose to install any of a variety of webmail scripts on your site.

Though we are unable to support 3rd party software, the help documentation with your email program of choice or the support site for that program should have very good resources to help you in using them.

We have a complete library of video tutorials, including how to set up a large variety of email programs: [Click Here]

Simply log in to your hosting control panel, create the email account(s) you'd like to use and plug that information in to your email program. The mail server address for incoming & outgoing mail is in your welcome letter. (

Please do note that many ISPs these days will block your use of 3rd party outgoing mail (SMTP) servers and require you to use their relay. This, for a number of technical reasons, is the proper configuration anyway. You should visit the email section of the support site for your ISP and search for SMTP server. This is often something like or or

If for some reason this isn't going to work for you, and your ISP doesn't block you from using your own SMTP server or you want to try enabling SSL, which uses different ports that will not be blocked. Here is an example;

Outlook account settings, more settings, advanced.

When using your hosted mail service for outgoing mail, don't forget to make sure your email program has "SMTP Authentication" enabled & set to use the same settings (login & password) as for incoming mail. The servers must require valid account access in order to prevent spam. (More on that in the video tutorials [Click Here])

You will also notice in your control panel there is a link in the menu called "Install Scripts". If you click on this link you will be presented with the option to point-click-install Roundcube webmail and/or Squirrelmail. Select the one you'd like, continue, choose the URL you'd like it installed at & go! As soon as the process completes you'll be able to log in with your email account.

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