What's this control panel like? What can it do?

The VirtualMin control panel is slick, modern, versatile and feature packed yet minimalistic enough to avoid being too scary for new users. Here are some screen shots showing a few of the features without going too far in-depth into their more advanced functionality. You may even use the control panel to add a number of additional sites, sub-domains & even alias additional domain names to your main site in less than 1 minute.

Naturally first you'll need to log in. Here's the login screen:

Login Screen

Here is the main screen you're presented with (by default) upon login. It is also configurable.

Main Screen

Here's what it might look like when adding an email account:

Adding email accounts

You may even install scripts from our web based installer including your choice of webmail app, SquirrelMail or RoundCube. The selection here will definitely continue to grow all the time & it doesn't get any easier to use:

Script Installer

If you use GoogleAnalytics or other visitor tracking systems which normally require you to insert code into all of your pages, you now have the simpler option to enter your tracking ID in the control panel and have it automatically inserted with the required code into every page served:

Tracking Code Options

Just in case, there's even a file manager built in and it's not the virtually useless file manager you see in many other control panels:

File Manager

For more advanced users...


There's also an automated backup system you can use to schedule backups. The different backup options are extensive. You may have a backup of just your databases saved to your hosting space every week, you may have a complete server backup schedule every day (including or excluding logs even) and have it automatically uploaded via FTP or SSH to another server... Just in case:

Schedule a Backup

You're allowed extensive control over your web server settings:

Apache Configs

The PHP configuration as well:


People often would like to schedule cron jobs but find themselves struggling with the time format used to describe when their job should run. With this complete, functional & easy to use interface that won't be a problem:

Schedule a Cron Job

This system works great for everyone of every technical level because it's only as complicated as you need it to be to get things done.

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