Switching from 2Advanced?

With people/companies bringing their hosting over from 2Advanced.net and with this being the first time some of them have had to make this type of move before, it seemed like a good idea to out line this daunting sounding but still fairly simple process.

The general idea is to get a new hosting account set up so that you can configure it, get the site(s) uploaded and tested as well as email accounts and aliases created and ready to accept mail. That's the most important part. You don't want to start the switch and have to scramble to get things working again.

To switch the hosting itself, you'll need only to change the name servers on your domain registration, from the old name servers to the new ones provided in your BalboaTech welcome email. Or if you manage your own DNS, you'll know what to do.

If your domain is registered through 2Advanced, email support@2advanced.net. Ask them for the OpenSRS login info for your domain(s) and to have them all unlocked. (Don't forget to mention all the domains you have!) They will send the login & password for each domain to be used at http://manage.opensrs.net/ - It is here that you will be able to change the name servers when it is time to change hosts. In order to transfer the registration here you will need to log in to OpenSRS anyway, to get the auth code required to begin a registrar transfer. While logged in, be sure to check all of the Organizational, Admin, Billing & Technical contact information. If the email address on record there is no longer valid the transfer may fail or take more than a week t
transferredo complete.

Use this video tutorial to learn how to determine if locking has been disabled yet. OpenSRS Video - When the domain shows up as unlocked (while you're logged in) click on the "Domain Extras" link. Locate the "Domain Auth Code". You should select & copy this so it is ready to paste before ordering a domain transfer at www.BalboaTech.com so that you'll be able to initiate it quick & easy. On the transfers page, just enter your domain name to 'check availability', that is to attempt to determine if it can be transferred... Follow online instructions.

Once ordered you will receive an email to the address on your domain info requesting confirmation of the validity of the transfer request. Follow the quick instructions in the email. Within about 6 or 7 more days (or less) everything should be done.


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